Ending Tenancy

Possibility of breaking lease

If you decide to vacate the property prior to the end of your lease, you will be breaking your lease.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Under the terms of your lease there are provisions for a Break Lease. It is important to note that you are still liable for the rent and upkeep of the property until a new tenant moves in and takes over your lease responsibilities. Upkeep includes but is not limited to keeping the electricity on, maintaining the pool and gardens (if required) and ensuring the property is kept clean and tidy, as per the terms of your lease agreement.

Costs of Breaking Lease

On top of keeping your rent up to date you are required to pay a Break Lease fee. The Break Lease fee consists of one week rent + GST plus advertising of $160.60 and a Smoke Alarms Service of $75. The advertising fee is for a 30 day period. If re-advertising is required a re-listing fee will be payable.

You can pay this fee in the same way you pay your rent; however it is important that you pay the amount as a separate transaction to your rent, to ensure the amount is allocated correctly.

Rental Payments

All rent must be paid up to date until a replacement tenant is found. Rent cannot be deducted from your bond.

Showing Potential Tenants

If you are flexible with inspection times, allowing access and keep the property in a presentable manner during the inspections, this will assist our office in finding suitable tenants quickly and help mitigated your loss.

Leaving a Property

When considering ending your lease you must first consider your lease end date. It is a requirement that two weeks written notice if provided, prior to your lease end date.

Written notice must be provided by way of a Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave. This form must be completed and submitted to our office prior to 14 days before your lease end date.

Ray White West End endeavors to contact tenants and discuss their lease renewal options two months prior to the end of any lease, as such you will be contacted by our office to confirm you lease renewal intentions well before you lease is due to expire.

If you decided to vacate you must first submit your Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave before our office will complete any Rental References on your behalf.

Once you have submitted your Notice of Intention to Leave you will receive a letter confirming the process preparing for you to vacate.

Rental Payments

All rent must be paid up to date prior to you leaving the property. Rent cannot be deducted from your bond.

Exit cleaning requirements:

It is a standard term in our tenancy agreements that tenants must have the property professionally cleaned and receipts provided to our office. Contact Ray White West End for a vacate cleaning checklist

Exit garden requirements:

Gardens must be left well maintained and in the same condition as when you moved in. This includes mowed, weeded, watered, hedges trimmed and the grass green.

Electricity & utilities disconnections:

It is important that your electricity is not disconnected when we complete your exit inspection. Without electricity we are unable to check the property fully, including working bulbs, appliances etc; and if extra cleaning is required, electricity must be connected.

Ray White West End recommends you organise for the final meter readings to take place no earlier than 10 days after your lease end date. If the electricity is disconnected, this may delay your bond refund until we are able to fully inspect the property, when the electricity is re-connected.

Bond Refund:

Your bond will be refunded once all outstanding money has been paid and the exit inspection is completed.

Please note that Bond Refunds take a minimum of 10 business days to be processed by our office. If a Bond Claim is required, extra time may be required.

Bond refunds can now be completed by our office online, via the RTA e-services portal. Simply provide our office with your bank account details and forwarding address when you leave. This will facilitate the prompt refund of your bond.

Exit Condition Report

The exit condition report is a requirement of the Residential Tenancies Act, and is to be completed by you upon vacating the property. Two copies must be supplied to our office upon handover of the property.

Recommended Contractors

Using our recommended contractors will guarantee your maximum bond refund. We find that when tenants use external contractors, we have to either get them back or have the property re-done by our recommended contractors.