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Landlord FAQ

How do I change Property Managers?

Making the change is simple. You simply complete a Property Transfer Form and Ray White West End looks after the rest. Often the outgoing agent will request a 30 day termination period, which we will work towards. Ray White West End will then notify the tenants of the upcoming change of management and organise to collect the keys & files from the agent when the time comes.

What do you do to find me a good tenant quickly?

It is important that your property is advertised correctly, presents well and attracts a broad base of potential tenants. Ray White West End ensures that all our properties have professional photos, when possible to do so, and also ensure our properties are listed as upgraded features on along with listings on; and 6 other website portals sites. We are also very flexible with inspection times, we don’t just do open homes, we make private inspection times to ensure as many potential tenants view your property as possible.

How often do you inspect my property?

Routine Inspections are completed every 3-4 months. Time between inspections can vary as we avoid inspecting properties over the Christmas / New Year period to give tenants a break. Ray White West End does not inspect a property within one month of a tenant moving in. With every inspection you will receive an email report with photos attached. The report will confirm the state the property is being kept in and report back on any maintenance or issues found at the time of our inspection.

How often will I receive statements & rental monies?

Tenants often pay rent weekly, fortnight or monthly. Ray White West End disburses rents to our Landlords at the middle and/or the end of each month, being the 15th and or 30th/31st. If a disbursement date falls on a weekend or public holiday the disbursement will be completed on the business day immediately prior to the scheduled disbursement. With every disbursement you will receive a statement confirming rental funds received and confirmation of any expenses paid on your behalf.

What happens if repairs need to be completed on my property?

If a tenant reports a maintenance issue we will either notify you immediately and request instructions on how you would like to proceed or if you have provided our office with a maintenance limit we will organise the necessary repairs on your behalf and provide you with a copy of the invoice, once received. Maintenance limits and instructions are confirmed when we first take over management and can be updated at anytime

Can you pay my rates, water & body corporate accounts on my behalf?

As part of our service we can pay your rates and water accounts on your behalf. Simply request your Local Council, Water & Sewerage Authority or Body Corporate Manager to send all invoices to our PO Box 5409, West End, Qld 4101 for processing and payment. Along with your Rental Statement you will be provided with a copy of all accounts paid on your behalf.

Can I charge tenants for water used & if so, how long until my tenants make payment?

A tenant can be charged water consumption charges if a property is both water efficient and is individually metered. If your property meets the necessary requirements our office can invoice the tenants for the water used. Your Local Water & Sewerage Authority Account includes two components – a water usage and a fixed charges component. Under the RTA tenants cannot be charged the fixed charges, as such the Local Water & Sewerage Authority Account must remain in the owners name and tenants are invoiced for their share of the consumption charges. Tenants must be provided a minimum of 30 days to pay the invoice.

What is a rent credit and why does it show on my statement?

A rent credit occurs if a tenant pays an amount of money which does not exactly match the rental amount. I.e Rent per week $500. A payment of $510 would generate a week’s rent plus $10 rent in credit towards the next week. If the tenant was to pay a further $490 the $10 credit would be used and a week’s rent completed.

I would like to inspect my property. What is the process?

We are required to provide tenants with a minimum of 7 days notice for inspections that are not relating to maintenance, valuations or legislative requirement. Simply contact our office and we can arrange to meet you at the property at a suitable time and provide the tenants with the required Entry Notices.