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Urban Climb West End – When running on a treadmill just won’t work for you

By Sandy Taylor

Urban Climb is not just a climbing club – it’s a gym for everyone! With lots of climbing walls, some bouldering routes, some gym facilities and yoga classes, all with great music around – it’s the place with the right atmosphere to get you to move!

The first step is finding a climbing partner, because this is a sport made for two – one is climbing and the other one is belaying. Doing this sport as a couple also makes it a social sport – despite the fact that the achievement is individual, it really helps when your climbing partner encouraging you and sometimes giving you advice. If you don’t have someone to climb with or looking for a fun way to meet some new people, then how about been part of their Grab a Belay event, the next one is on the 10th of April. Click here to find out more.

You don’t need to worry about knowing nothing about climbing or belaying. When you arrive at the gym for the first time, the staff will provide you a short course teaching you all the basics you’ll be need, which is included in the entry fee. Soon you’ll find you can do it by yourself. Naturally, you gonna start with the easiest trails, but I can assure you that you’ll get improved very soon!

On each climbing trail there are few sub-trails, marked by colour and a number, which defines their difficulty. You’re obviously gonna start with the yellow marked trails, then try the blue ones. When you go to the purple ones- here’s when you’re really start climbing. Then you can reach the green, red and finally the black trail.

If climbing may not be your thing, that’s ok too, Urban offer yoga classes, and general fitness classes, and if you’re wondering what to do with the kids these school holidays, they even have youth groups, and children as young as three can go in with an adult, you can hire them a harness and they can give it a go.

If you don’t live in West End, Urban now have bouldering gyms in Newstead and Milton, if you heading interstate, you can even find a gym in Collingwood Melbourne (Opening Soon)

So, throw on some comfortable, sporty clothes. Super short shorts are best avoided as the climbing harness may get a little uncomfortable, and head on down to 220 Montague Road, West End.

Urban Climb

2/220 Montague Road, West End

07 3844 2544

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