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We’re Your Buyers Agent!

Times, they are changing…

It’s getting harder and harder to find a quality investment property, with good returns.

Our full service buyers agency package helps you from start to finish. From sourcing the right property, contract negotiations, through to purchase & ongoing management.

Our clients come to us to help build their property portfolios and we use our 30+ years of experience to get them great deals with excellent returns.

Case Study 1 – Investment Property

Suburb: Stafford Heights
Price: $600,000
Return: 6.8%

Description: This property was sold to a first time investor. Originally, they were looking for a single house with capital growth. We encouraged them to invest in a property with multiple incomes, that was not only positioned in a high capital growth suburb, but also yielded a positive cashflow.

Quote:   “I have had the pleasure of dealing with Clive O’Kelly and Adam Holmes- Barry on numerous occasions. I highly recommend both of them as they have been extremely professional and helpful in finding me great property investments and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

What we can do for you???

Our Property Investment Research has no limits! With access to current, as well as off-market deals, we will have no trouble finding that hidden gem of a deal at the right price.

Our Property Investment Analysis tools are extremely detailed. We take into account every aspect of owning an investment property from equity growth to maintenance costs.

We ONLY look at properties with a 5%+ rental yield potential.

With us acting for you, we are able to fiercely negotiate contract and conditions with the seller and their agent to save you $10’s of thousand’s.
Manage renovations and offer insight
With experience in rental analysis and architectural design, our team assists you in discovering creative options to add value to your property.

Revalue and Resale
We make sure the value you’ve added to the property is revalued at the optimum rate and reflected in the sale price.

Build and Manage
Our core business is the management of investment properties for hundreds of clients. We assist you to build your investment portfolio to 4+ properties and take the work off you so you can live life to the fullest.

Most Importantly, Communication
Both through email and phone call, we will be continuously discussing with you contracts, new deals and investment strategies so that you’re always assured there’s someone who cares and is on your side…

Case Study 2 – Renovation

Suburb: Mount Gravatt East
Price: $607,500
Return: 7.4%

Description: We assisted the buyer in the purchase of this property. Situated across the road from Tafe QLD and walking distance to bus stations, this 4 bedroom house is in an excellent area for rentals. The house itself was very run down and in desperate need of an upgrade. We saw the potential and proposed that the buyer renovated the upstairs house and create a self-contained studio downstairs. This would result in double the rental return and a high cashflow investment property.

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